Brothers. Film based on Torgny Lindgren’s Hummelhonung

Ukrainian film company Pronto Film completed the shooting of the full-length psychological drama “Brothers”. The shooting took place in the Carpathian Mountains and studious in Kiev. The script is based on the best-seller novel Sweetness (Hummelhonung) by the famous modern Swedish writer Torgny Lindgren.

Specific is that the story has been moved to Carpathian mountains and the main characters of the film speak authentic Hutsul (Carpathian people) dialect.

The project received financial support from Ukrainian State Committee for Cinematography of 8 million hryvnia (about $ 1 million), which covered 50% of the total budget. Other part of the budget expected from the contribution from the side of co-producers has not been received due to the changes in the funding regulations of local film funds in co-producer’s countries, according to the Pronto Film. The company partially financed the project from its own funds, but requested the crowd-funding platform indiegogo to gather the remaining budget.

Synopsis: Once a writer gets into a small town in the Carpathian Mountains, where she gives a lecture at the local monastery. Among the audience – an elderly man called Voytko. She travels to his village to write a book, and eventually dips into the old man’s life, met with his brother Stanislav, living in the house opposite. Over time, the writer becomes a “bridge” between the two brothers, whose meaning of life is reduced to a kind of duel: who of two will live longer and will not bring pleasure to another one to be witness of his brother’s death. One day the book is finished and the writer is ready to leave the village and is ready to stop torture of brothers, giving them the right to die.

Producer: Igor Savichenko. Director: Viktoria Trofimenko. Duration: 100min. Budget: 2 mln USD