Production news: Zaporizhska Sich

The head of the Union of Cinematographers of Dnepropetrovsk in Ukraine Mrs. Valentina Sloboda is producing a remake of the 100 years old film “Zaporizhska Sich”, which used to be the first ever full-length film of Ukrainian production back in 1912. Unfortunately only part of the film has been saved till present time. Exactly as it was 100 years ago, in the new film version the local inhabitants of the village Lozmanska Kamenka of Dnipropetrovs’k region are involved in the shootings; the filming will also take place in the local landscape. Many scenes will be filmed in Zaporizhya city at Khortitsa island, were a real Cossacks’ boat has been built for the shooting. To participate in For the battle scenes the activists of Cossack organizations have been invited from all over Ukraine. Generally for the filming over 400 people are involved. The film tells about an attack of the Tatars to a Ukrainian village and Cossacks’ Zaporizhian Sich.