Stefania – Music Video

Kalush Orchestra, the winners of Eurovision 2022, have presented the music video for the winning song. The video was filmed in the de-occupied cities of Ukraine – Bucha, Irpin, Borodyanka, Hostomel. Directed by Max Ksjonda. Cinematography by Volodymyr Shkliarevskyi.

Helping Ukraine as a Foreigner

Most comprehensive list: Official funds, requests, materials (doc updated live, hourly). Please be aware that it’s a crowdsourced effort, we have limited capacity for quality assurance and can make mistakes. If you see one – let us know and we’ll resolve that.

Address on Ukraine

Russia has just launched a full-scale war against Ukraine, and Ukrainian film professionals are addressing the international community in an attempt to make it understand how close to its gates the war is. Directors have been talking about the war in Eastern Ukraine in their films for the past eight years, movies that have been […]

Terykony – Trailer

The world premiere of documentary feature ‘Terykony’ by Taras Tomenko has been held at this year Berlinale. The film shows austere lives of several kids in the so called ‘gray zone’ on the front line of Russian-occupied parts of Eastern Ukraine. Some of them have lost their parents, some of them have lost their houses, […]

Two Ukrainian Wins at Sundance

Maryna Er Gorbach takes Directing Award in World Cinema Dramatic section with her feature drama ‘Klondike’ about the young couple witnessing the downing of MH17 flight by Russian proxies in 2014. The Directing Award in World Cinema Documentary goes to Ukraine-co-produced film ‘The House Made of Splinters’ by Simon Lereng Wilmont. The film tells about […]

Klondike at Sundance

The first ever Ukrainian movie in main Sundance competition is a drama directed by Maryna Er Gorbach titled ‘Klondike’. The movie tells the story of a young family which found itself at the epicenter of MH17 downing by Russian proxies which happened near Donetsk in 2014.

Dovbush – Trailer

The epic feature from Ukrainian director Oles Sanin has the new trailer revealed. The drama tells the story of Oleksa Dovbush, one of the leaders of Ukrainian resistance known as ‘Opryshky’ which opposed Polish and Austrian administrations. The resistance movement had been active from 16th to 19th centuries.

Telugu Feature Filmed in Kyiv

For many years Ukraine has been a lucrative attraction for Indian moviemakers. Finally, they start gaining a grasp of Ukrainian film locations and conditions. A truly Tollywood film used Maryinsky Palace in Kyiv as a location for spectacular dance performances. The feature titled ‘RRR’ is directed by S. S. Rajamouli, among others starring Ray Stevenson […]