Almanac “Ukraine, Goodbye” will be release theatrically on November, 1

Six short movies from the project “Ukraine, Goodbye. Almanac” have been selected by the producers for the theatrical release:” Rendezvous”, directed by Eugene Matvienko,”Beard ” directed by Dmitry Sukholytky-Sobchuk, ” Pie “directed by Yuri Kovalev, “Angel of Death,” directed by Vladimir Tikhiy, “As the Cossacks flew into space,” directed by Eugene Matvienko, “Nuclear waste” directed by Miroslav Slaboshpytsky.

Eight other films of the project will be releases few months later under the common title. In the sOtherime the official premiere of all 25 films will take place for the internet users. The Almanac had the state support in the amount of 50 % of budget for production provided according to the results of the first open competition arranged by the State Agency on Cinematography.  Other 50 % were added by the private investors. Generally in Ukraine only 3 films of local production have been released during 2012, though this figure is higher in comparison to the year 2011.