CGI and Visual Effects In Ukraine

The 10th annual international conference on computer graphic and visual effects CG EVENT, traditionally to be held in Moscow, Russia, this time took place in Kyiv, Ukraine, in September 2012. The organizers decided to arrange the event 2012 in Kyiv as mentioned obvious trend recently that many projects are placed there, mostly due to the lower rates of Ukrainian various CG-services including 3D animation, in comparison to Moscow. As the conference ran with unexpected success (about 1000 participants attended seminars, lectures presentations and discussions) the organizers will consider the possibility to have the event in Kyiv on regular basis.
The special guest of the conference (though by skype from USA) was film director and producer Timur Bekmambetov (Night Watch / Nochnoi Dozor and Day Watch/ Dnevnoi Dozor) reminded the history of development of Russian and Ukrainian CG industry and reported on expectations of a Hollywood producer from the post-production companies. Computer graphic to both Watches were done in Ukraine and Russia and probably opened the potential of the local talents and facilities in the countries.
Sergey Nevshupov, who previously worked as CG supervisor at Peter Jackson’s company  on visual effects Weta Digital and has been involved in such projects like The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring,  Avatar, I, Robot, is now working in post-production company CG Factory (CGF) in its Vladivostok office and shared his experience and career story. Alexander Gorokhov, head of CGF, announced that in addition to the company units CGF LA, CGF Moscow and CGF Vladivostok a new unit CGF Kiev is opened on the basis of two other Ukrainian post-production companies. The latest works of CGF structure were Apollo 18, Chronicle, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.