Production news: Zaporizhska Sich

The head of the Union of Cinematographers of Dnepropetrovsk in Ukraine Mrs. Valentina Sloboda is producing a remake of the 100 years old film “Zaporizhska Sich”, which used to be the first ever full-length film of Ukrainian production back in 1912.

A seminar on scriptwriting and storytelling by Robert McKee in Kyiv

The four-day seminar in Kyiv by Robert McKee, the US guru of scriptwriting, Hollywood consultant and author of the book Story, – covered the basics of storytelling and screenwriting between October 11 and 14. The famous seminar “Story” attended about 400 listeners from Ukraine and Russia – filmmakers, playwrights, novelists and journalists.

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment partners in Ukraine

Ukrainian company B&H Classic Films became an official partner of Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment in Ukraine. Starting October 2012 the B&H Classic Films will release a number of titles by Disney on Blu-ray and DVD. In particular the company is has got license for release and distribution of the following films: Finding Nemo, Beauty […]

CGI and Visual Effects In Ukraine

The 10th annual international conference on computer graphic and visual effects CG EVENT, traditionally to be held in Moscow, Russia, this time took place in Kyiv, Ukraine, in September 2012. The organizers decided to arrange the event 2012 in Kyiv as mentioned obvious trend recently that many projects are placed there, mostly due to the […]

Almanac “Ukraine, Goodbye” will be release theatrically on November, 1

Six short movies from the project “Ukraine, Goodbye. Almanac” have been selected by the producers for the theatrical release:” Rendezvous”, directed by Eugene Matvienko,”Beard ” directed by Dmitry Sukholytky-Sobchuk, ” Pie “directed by Yuri Kovalev, “Angel of Death,” directed by Vladimir Tikhiy, “As the Cossacks flew into space,” directed by Eugene Matvienko, “Nuclear waste” directed […]

Production news: Haytarma

The first full-length feature film on the story of the Crimean Tatar people and their full deportation and resettlement forced by the Soviet Union in 1944 has been started in Crimea, Ukraine.