The Ministry Of Culture Is To Spend 70 Million UAH For Films

For the first time in the competition for public funds a new procedure for the domestic filmmakers had been introduced – projects pitching. After its results there will be 70 million UAH of budget funds shared between projects.

As describes the State Committee for Cinematography, the so-called pitching sessions have long been the traditional practice of international filmmaking in the initial stages of implementation. For a limited time applicants have the opportunity to convince the movie business decisionmakers that the new project is worth to invest money in.

The pitching will be held in late August. An Expert Committee on Cinema of the State Agency of Ukraine will consists of recognized experts film industry: Roman Balayan, Oleg Fialko, Sergei Bordenyuk, Vladimir Voitenko, Anatoly Mateshko, Anton Pugach, Andrew Khalpakhchi, Alex Shpilyuk and others. There are more than 100 feature films in competition.