A Filming “You, My Joy” by Sergey Loznitsa Has Started In Ukraine

The shooting period of a new film by Sergey Loznitsa is being held in Ukraine during this summer. “You, My Joy” is a first feature film by Sergey Loznitsa. Earlier he was famous for his documentary works.

It is a joint film production of Ukraine and Germanн, but the artists from more than 10 countries work on the film. Oleg Kohan (SOTA Cinema Group, Ukraine) and Hino Deckert (Deckert Distribution, German) are the producers of the project. A young Byelorussian actor Victor Nemetz acts the leading part. Vladimir Golovin (Cold Summer of ’53) and young Olga Shuvalova (Everyone Will Die Except Me) co-star in the movie. Oleg Mutu (“4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days”) is a director of photography.

The action is set in 2005 with World War II retrospective shots. “You, my joy” is the story of a truck driver Georgi who is artless and without a single bad bone in his body; he knows neither mistrust nor malice. Before setting off on his trip with the truck he leaves his wife some money, packs his bag and goes. Protagonist shows in the story that dog-eats-dog society has been doomed to disintegration.
“You, my joy” will be shot in two phases in Ukraine. The first one is in summer 2009; the second one is in winter 2010. The premiere of the film is planed for spring 2011.