Film About Chernobyl Was Shown In Cuba

The premiere of a film about Chernobyl disaster took place in Havana. “Chernobyl In Us” is a documentary that was made by Daisy Gomez, Cuban TV journalist. It is a film about conditions and consequences of the disaster and also about the victims’ treatment on Cuba.

The movie was shown within the bounds of International solidarity week. The film crew visited Chernobyl right of way and a Pripyat town, met with disaster fighters and victims that were treated on Cuba island. Julio Medina, the director of the assistance program said that Cuba is still treating the children who suffered from the devastating nuclear accident in Ukraine in 1986.

Cuba is known as a country that receives the most of Ukrainian diseased children. More than 18,000 Ukrainian children have been treated over the years at the Tarara facility near the Cuban capital, Havana. The programme was set up in 1990 to treat the victims of the world’s most devastating nuclear accident four years earlier.