In Production

There are six Ukrainian titles in production now.


Ukrainian studio “Ilyenko film” starts filming the feature Toloka, based on the works of Taras Shevchenko. Filming will start in the National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine. The story covers 14 important pieces of history of Ukraine. Budget – about 3.5 million dollars, state funding – 1, 75 million dollars. The project is implemented with the support of the State Agency of Ukraine for Cinematography and charity foundation “Big Family”.


Ukrainian production company Pronto Film finished shooting of some episodes of the feature drama Guide by Oles Sanin. Principal photog­raphy took place in spring and summer of 2012 in and around Kharkov. The action takes place in Ukraine, Mongolia, USA and Switzerland in 1920-1930 and in our time. This is a story of an American boy Peter who came to Ukraine in the late 1920-s. He speaks with a heavy accent but tries to learn Ukrainian. After his father was killed the boy met a blind kobza-player Ivan Ko­cherga. Ivan and Peter were traveling throughout Ukraine. Peter turned into Petr and grew up very quickly experiencing the joys, grieves, love, human disaster and death. In winter 1934 Ivan Kocherga along with several hundreds of other kobza-play­ers and lyrists who gathered on a conference were executed near Kharkov. Peter was the only alive witness of those events.

The Tribe

Ukrainian production company Garmata film started pre-production of the new feature drama The Tribe by Myroslav Slaboshpytsly. Filming start is planned for the autumn 2013. Production budget is about 1.5 million dollars. The project is financially supported by Ukrainian State Agency of Cinematography and The Hubert Bals Fund of the Rotterdam Festival (Netherlands). Expected release date is April 2014. The story tells about Sergey, who is a deaf-and-dumb teenager who enters a special boarding school. There he tries to find his place in the hierarchy of the boarding school community, which operates like a Mafiosi group ruled by the King.

Love in the Big City 3

Late January Ukrainian production company Studio Kvartal 95 in copro­duction with Russian Leopolis film company started shooting feature romantic comedy Love in the Big City 3. Principal pho­tography started in Las Vegas and then will move to Moscow. Production budget of the project is 2.5 million dollars. Film release is planned for 2013.

The movie describes the actions that happen after 5 years since the second movie events. Everything is great in the life of the main characters, they love each other and their children grow up. But everything is too good, all their romance and passion has turned into routine. The men once a week meet in the pub and women completely dedicated themselves to the family and children. Their lives look something like that: job, home, sleep, zoo, job, home… Welcome to the adult life…

Maxim Osa: a Man from the Afterworl

Ukrainian HanzhonkovFilm prodco started pre-production of a new feature adventure detective Maxim Osa: a Man from the Afterworld, based on the comics of Ukrainian writer Igor Ba­ranko. Filming will take place in the vicinities of Kiev and will start this summer. Film release is planned for 2014.
The main character of this movie is a Cossack that returned to his native village after a raid in the Crimea in 1636. The adventures start from the moment when Osa is sitting by his own grave and thinking-guessing how it happened: a man that is still alive was buried. Naturally, further events are a mix of thriller, mysticism and grim humor.

My grandmother – Fanny Kaplan

Ukrainian film My grandmother – Fanny Kaplan directed by Olena Demyanenko is now in pre-production. The story tells about a French man, living his late age in a French nursing house. He keeps the family relict – diary of his grandmother who was Fanny Kaplan – a woman who is supposed to be the one attempted assassination of Vladimir Lenin.By some occasion a Ukrainian journalist gets to know about this remarkable fact. She comes to France to make investigation and a material about the dairy. It is preliminary announced that Alain Delon will play the main character