Theatrical distribution of 2012 in Ukraine

The results of theatrical distribution in Ukraine in 2012 showed the general market growth for about 10% with the total box-office over $100M for the period 01.12.2011 till 29.12.2012. Total number of tickets sold in Ukraine reached 19 mln for 265 films released in the movie-theaters.

The leader of Ukraine distribution in 2012 was B&H Film Distribution Company, releasing the films of majors like Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, Walt Disney Company and Paramount Pictures. The general box-office for the mentioned period of B&H Distribution made about $45,2 million.

For today there are 170 modern film-theatres in Ukraine with 400 screens. 190 screens from this number are digital. Some of theatrical networks announced about their expansion in 2013-2014. The first theater equipped with Dolby Atmos cinema sound platform – with additional overhead speakers as well as surrounding speakers on the ceiling and floor- will appear in Kiev in 2013.

The theatre networks take into account the fact that many distributors are going to switch for digital distribution only. Such steps will require from the cinema-halls owners significant investments for the digital equipment – up to $120 thousand per screen, which can be difficult for small cities.