A Song By Ukrainian Musicians Becomes The Soundtrack To The American Film

The song “Potsilunok” (“The Kiss”) by Ukrainian music band “Mertvyj Piven” was used as the soundtraсk to the film “Cold Souls” directed by Sophie Barthes and Andrij Parekh. It was the Perekh’s idea, co-producer and cameraman of the movie, to choose this song.
Andrij Parekh has made more than 50 films, music videos and commercials, many of which have won awards. His “Mertvyi Piven” (Dead Roosters), shot in Ukraine, won the Grand Marnier Prize at the New York Film Festival (2004) and the Future Filmmaker Award at the Palm Spring Film Festival (2004). “Mertvyj Piven” is a famuos Ukrainian rock-band. This year the band celebrates its twentieth anniversary.

Tragicomedy film “Cold Souls” tells about souls thet can be extracted and traded as commodities. Balancing on a tightrope between deadpan humor and pathos, and between reality and fantasy, the film presents Paul Giamatti as himself, agonizing over his interpretation of Uncle Vanya. Paralyzed with anxiety, he stumbles upon a solution via a New Yorker article about a high-tech company promising to alleviate suffering by deep-freezing souls.
“Cold Souls” is included in the non-competition programme of the 39th Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival. The film has already been shown as part of the film festivals in Karlovy Vary, Sydney, Seattle, Los Angeles and Cannes.