The “Diagnosis” Participates In The European Film Festival

The film “Diagnosis” by Myroslav Slaboshpitsky will be screened in the European Universities within the frame of The European Film Festival. ‘The youth is the best part of mankind. Only young people make revolutions and revolts. We are going away but they should live further’ Slaboshpitsky clarified why the youth audience had been chosen.
The European Film Festival is held in over a dozen cities across Europe every October and November. The festival is dedicated to new filmmakers and laureates of the other large film festivals. Special attention is paid to the first and second time directors, and films that overcome budget limitations in new and innovative ways.

Some months ago the “Diagnosis” represented Ukraine at the Berlin International Film Festival. The film didn’t get any prize but was payed attention to. The tragic story about three drug addicted teenagers also competed for the awards at festivals in Poland, Greece, Italy, Russia and Portugal.