Madonna’s Movie About Ukrainian Band ‘Gogol Bordello’

The eighth Festival of New British Cinema that took place in Kyiv these days–off presented “Filth & Wisdom”, the film directed by Madonna and starring musician Eugene Hutz, an ex-Ukrainian now in New-York. It was the first Madonna’s step as the film director and it was not so bad as critics expected. “Filth & Wisdom” is a light-hearted impetuous film about three immigrants who is going to win a glory, becoming famous musicians. Madonna confessed that she sees the heroes of the film as her alter ego.
It was not too difficult for Madonna to find actors for her debut film, she chose Hutz for the role of a Ukrainian immigrant in London, a driven musician who indulges masochists for money to record a CD. “Filth & Wisdom” became the second work in cinema for the frontman of Gogol Bordello. Eugene Hutz has already acted in “Everything Is Illuminated” (2005) as a Ukrainian musician.

The band’s music was used as a soundtrack to the film together with Madonna’s “Erotic” and Spearse’s “Baby one more time”.

Gogol Bordello is known as the energetic multi-ethnic band incorporates a disparate mix of genres, including cabaret and punk, all saturated in moody melodies and comedic edge.