The First Ukrainian 3D Horror Movie “Synevir”

“Synevir” is a 100% Ukrainian production. The actors and investments involved are coming from Ukraine.  Some national myths and legends could be found in its plot.

The story location is a Trans-Carpathian lake Synevir. The principal character – a monster of local folklore. The producer of this movie is Volodymyr Horunzhy. The directors are Alexander and Stanislav – Aleshechkiny brothers.

The film budget is less than $1 million. “Synevir” should have 3 to 5 millions USD in the box office to pay off its production.

The film is appealing to young audiences, it has been created under laws of a Hollywood genre cinema.

The film in 3D is scheduled for release for the end of May or the beginning of June, 2012.

Horunzhy has written music more than to 40 Hollywood films, including such, as ‘The Langoliers’ by Stephen King and also to a known TV series ‘Santa Barbara’.