A Film With Liza Boyarskaya Is Being Shot In Kyiv These Days

Kyiv became a location for one more feature film. Russian film director Igor Kopylov has come to Ukraine’s capital to shoot some episodes for the film in the city. The film scenes are shot in the center of Kyiv on Kchreschatik street and in the Kyiv Exhibiton Hall. Liza Boyarskaya who is famous for her role in “Admiral” and Maxim Matveev who acted in “Stilyagi” star in the movie.

This film is based on the play “Not to say”, that was written for the theatre stage. “The play is a mix of genres. So actors have a lot of work to do, they should change their emotions rather often” Kopylov said.

Kyiv is getting more and more popular among filmmakers during last years. Kyiv landscapes and buildings became a locations for a lot of films. There are many reasons for this. But one of them is that shooting in Kyiv is considerably affordable.