“The Exit” By Film.ua Was Presented On TV

The premiere of thriller “Exit” (Vykhod) took pace on one of Ukrainian TV channel yesterday. The film was produced by Film.ua Studio in cooperation with Konturfilm Production.

Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Olga Filipova, Liza Kurbanmagomedova and Andrey Polischuk starred in the movie of Igor Kopylov. The scene was set in Kyiv.

“The Exit” is a film about talented mathematician who lost a considerable part of his life in prison. He lost all the money. He lost his lovely woman. To take out his own things and secrets and go away is only wish. But lots of money means a lot of problems. The protagonist couldn’t believe to anyone. And it seems no ways about it.

The TV program rating displayed that the premiere was rather successful. The mean value of film rating was more than 3%  when the usual rate for such films is about 1,5%. So the survey squad decided to continue their collaboration.