Bogdan Stupka Awarded At Rome IFF

The famous Ukrainian actor received The Silver Marc’Aurelio Critics’ Best Actor Award. He played the key role in the film “Serce na dloni” (With a Warm Heart) by Krzysztof Zanussi. This was the only picture in a competition program that presented Ukraine and Poland on the festival.

Bogdan Stupka plays the part of Polish oligarch-millionaire. He is corrupted with power and wealth and also discovers that he has a serious heart problem. He can only be saved by an immediate transplantation. He accidentally meets a young man in a hospital who has lost his will to live, after becoming unemployed and suffering disappointment in love. So the potential suicide victim is a perfect donor, he just has to be helped in his passage to another life… Film is full of pithy dialogues about the meanin of life.

“There is also luck besides the talent and the work in the acting technique Bogdan Stupka said. I am lucky with such talented directors as Krzysztof Zanussi, Erzy Hoffman and Kira Muratova that give me roles, where important is not only my present but where is a fate.

The premiere of the “Serce na dloni”  (With a Warm Heart) in Ukraine is scheduled for New Year. Now the film is rescoring for soun from the Polish to Ukrainian.