Ukrainian Animation At The State Film Agency Pitching

Ukrainian Animation At The State Film Agency Pitching

Mediananny provides a concise report of the recent State Film Agency project pitching and the fresh animation projects presented: ‘There is nothing wrong with following the world’s trends and adopting the best of them.

In one of the pitching days which has been entirely dedicated to animation projects, the head of the Ukrainian State Film Agency F. Illyenko noted that the number of proposed animation projects have remarkably increased, and their quality is undoubtedly high. Therefore, as a result, the Agency is considering the possibility of establishing a separate animation pitching.

Generally, local animation productions keep up with the times. So far, the Animagrad and Ukranimafilm studios are recognized as the leaders among others, as they have proposed the largest number of projects in development. At the same time, the rest of the projects also deserve the viewers’ attention. The winners are such films as ‘The Club of Know-It-Alls’ (Klub Vseznayok) by Animagrad studio, ‘The Chronicle of the City’ by Novatorfіlm, “Victor the Robot” by Red Dog studio and ‘Insane’ (Prichynna) by Magica Film studio.

‘Viktor The Robot’ (Viktor-Robot )

1Produced by Red Dog studio, the creator is Anatoly Lavrynyshyn. The story is about the child who wants to grow up as quickly as possible and does not realize that the hero robot helps him all the time. A drawn animation with 3D elements is used.

A project budget is 31.1M UAH. The State Film Agency part – 100%.

‘Ruslan and Lyudmyla’

The production designer Christian Kaskinin and director Oleg Malamuzh have presented ‘Ruslan and Lyudmila’ film (international title is ‘Stolen Princess’).  The work on script has taken over a half year. 100 000 hand drawings were created for the animation. The first few scenes of the cartoon were shown at the screening in Berlin. As it is expected the work on the film to be finished by the summer 2017.

The current project budget is 95M UAH and the company has requested 19M UAH at the pitching.

‘Bald Peaks’ (Lysi vershyny )

3Currently made as Israeli and German co-production, but the Ukrainian company Tatofilm wants to join the proccess. The adaptation of the Karol Sidon’s novel in which the country of curly people and the country of bald are separated by a huge wall. A certain sort of music is allowed to play in every country. The curly musician finds a bald musician and they try to create an underground group. The Ukrainian part provides the development of mattes and props, as well as few minor characters.

A project budget is 84M UAH and the amount the project asked the State Film Agency for is 16.8M UAH.


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The ‘Mavka’ feature animation will be taken into international market. The images of Ukrainian folklore will be well-placed in the world discourse. But the jury were skeptical about the idea of changing Lesya Ukrainka’s tragedy and making the plot more suited to children.

The project budget is 98M UAH, the amount requested – 24.5M UAH.

‘The Hamster luck’ (Homyachya udacha )

5The series of 13 episodes with the length of 7 min each. The cartoon is made in style of ‘The Angry Beavers”. The director is Marina Medvid.

The project budget is 23M UAH. The State Film Agency part – 100%.

‘The Girl and the serpent’ (Divchynka i zmiy )


Production company ‘Directoriya Kino’ has introduced 2D hand-drawn animation short film which is fully described by its name. Producer Igor Savichenko assured that the director Victoria Trofimenko has a unique vision of the project ‘in the best tradition of the classic cartoon art of Ukraine.’

Project budget – 2M UAH, The State Film Agency funding – 100%.

‘Dr. Livesey’ (Doktor Livsi )

7‘Dr. Livesey. Useful tips’ can be considered as a spin-off of the classic Ukrainian animation ‘Treasure Island’. In order to implement the 13-min project the studio asked the State Film Agency for 2.3M UAH.

‘The Gospel of the Robot’ (Yevangeliye vid Robota )

8The action will be taken in the distant future where artificial intelligence comes to creating its own religious system. The project’s author is Oleg Pedan.

The project’s budget is 1.7M UAH.

‘Icarus’ (Ikar )

9The project of Alexander Viken is another example of a Ukrainian poetic classics, in which the giant egg of the world creation are floating in the sky over the tropical islands and the penguins and turtles get along with tropical jungle predators in the rain forests .

The project budget is 600K UAH, share of the State Film Agency – 100%.

‘The Club of Know-It-Alls’ (Klub Vseznayok )

10This is an educational project for preschoolers, equally targeting both boys and girls, and created by psychologists to develop children natural interest in science and the environment.

Project budget is 870K UAH, the State Film Agency part – 435K UAH.

‘Trumpeter’ or ‘Musician’ (Trubach or Muzyka )

11Short animation by “Borisfen-C” studio has not yet decided on the title of the project but pinpointed with the style – the animation will be created using the technique of sand animation.

Budget – 600K UAH, 100% financing of the State Film Agency.

‘Legends of Trypillya’ (Legendy Tripillya )


2D-animation project offer by Animagrad studio, this time in co-production with the Odessa animation studio. Authors of the project – Yuri Vinevych and Oleksiy Kobelev – assured that the film will be made in the style of the ‘How to Train Your Dragon’.

Project Budget – 10.5M UAH, part of the State Film Agency- 3.8M UAH.

‘INSANE’ (Prychynna )

13The adaptation of Taras Shevchenko’s poem. Magica Film production offers the spot with tragic ending. The movie is planned to be executed in the style of paintings.

The film’s budget – 4.3M UAH, the State Film Agency participation – 100%.



Another series from Animagrad studio, this time there are entertaining films in the best traditions of ‘Looney Tunes’ and ‘Popeye the Sailor’.

The film’s budget – 920K UAH, part of the State Film Agency – 460K UAH.

‘Attention! Video surveillance’ (Uvaga! Zdiysnyuyetsya videosposterezhennya )

15The director is Oleg Trush. The short is in the spirit of conspiracy theories. The Ukranimafilm Studio have explained the script: the universe consists of the elements of a modern metropolis: wire, surveillance cameras, streets, houses, cars and people flows. The atmosphere of bustle, stress and total control.

Project budget – 3.9M UAH, the State Film Agency participation – 100%.

‘The Chronicle of One City’ (Khronika odnogo mista )


12-minute film by Eugene Syvokin is going to be stylized as an old silent movie and its music to be live-performed by a pianist. The entire project will be executed in the style of black and white graphics.

Budget – 2M UAH, the State Film Agency part – 1.99M UAH.


17Another project by Ukranimafilm. The adaptation of Julio Cortazar’s story ‘Bus’. The authors plan to transfer the style of magic realism in the art of painting.

Project budget – 1.4M UAH, the State Film Agency participation – 100%.

‘Across the ocean’ (Cherez okean )

18The story tells about Pavlo Rizvov, a known Ukrainian native who have crossed the ocean in a boat. Project is made by Insight Media studio and directed by Maxim Madonov.

1.07M UAH is required for the project. The producers expect to receive 1.06M UAH from the State Film Agency.