Best Ukrainian Feature at OIFF

The Odesa International Film Festival finished and has awarded the winners. The jury have named ‘The Nest of the Turtledove’ by Taras Tkachenko the best film in Ukrainian competition. One of the main parts in the film was performed by Vitaly Linetsky, a famous Ukrainian actor who died before the movie was premiered.

Ukrainian Movie Posters of 1920s

National Dovzhenko Center has published a unique collection of movie posters from the epoch of VUFKU (All-Ukrainian Photo & Film Management Organization), from 1922 till 1930. VUFKU used to be the top film production company over the entire Soviet Union with an output of circa 30 feature films per year in the most prolific times. The album is available for purchase at the Dovzhenko Center’s website.

GloriaFX Proudly Presents: Coldplay - Up&Up

Ukrainian VFX company GloriaFX has created what is already coined as a best music video ever – Coldplay’s Up&Up. The video has scored 20M views in 10 days solely on YouTube. The authors behind the video – Serhiy Mashevsky and Anatoly Kuzmytsky say at first they didn’t even know which band they are creating for. They were hired by a British production company ‘Pretty Bird’ as a team who already has done a great job for Justin Bieber last year (Where Are U Now).

Coming Soon: The Fight Rules

The first ever Ukrainian sports drama will premiere in Ukraine this fall. Starring Vlad Nikityuk, Yevgen Galych, Oleksiy Gorbunov and Akhtem Seytablayev. The story goes about a former boxing coach who has to come back to profession and prepare his son for a champion’s fight. The movie is directed by Oleksiy Shaparev. Photography by Dmytro Yashenkov. Screenplay by Oleksiy Shaparev and Ivan Tymshyn.

Jamala And Ukraine Win Eurovision Song Contest

Ukrainian singer Jamala wins Eurovision song contest in a highly emotional voting. Jamala is the first ever ethnic Crimean Tatar to perform at the contest. She caused much controversy before the show over her would-be political song, referencing the year when Stalin deported their ethnic group from its native region of Crimea in Ukraine.

OE - Don't Leave

A video from a new album by ‘Okean Elzy’. Directed by Ihor Stekolenko. Photography by Volodymyr Shklyarevsky. Art Direction by Alyona Gadzhylova. VFX production by Serhiy Solodky & TiltVFX.

'Watchpost' Fantasy Movie Teaser

An official teaser of the first Ukrainian fantasy movie ‘Watchpost’ (Сторожова застава) released. The upcoming film is scheduled for December 22, 2016 in the theatres. The movie’s story is about a boy traveling back into ancient times where the heroes fight against mythical creatures and black magic. The movie features advanced visual effects done in Ukraine. Directed by Yuri Kovalyov.

Docudays.UA Breaks Through Intellectual Illusions

The 13th International human rights documentary film festival Docudays.UA has opened in Kyiv on March, 25th and will last till April, 1st in the House of Cinema (Saksaganskogo, 6), Kyiv Cinema (Velyka Vasylkivska, 19) and Kinopanorama Cinema (Shota Rustaveli, 19).

This year the audience will see 93 films from 43 countries from all over the world. Some 140 participants, including 60 guests from outside Ukraine will participate in this year’s festival. The festival will feature the works by Oscar laureates, winners of world documentary film festivals and, what’s very exciting, many films by Ukrainian directors.