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Clothing rental.

«Audiovisual Rights Management Association «ARMA-Ukraine» (Kiev, Ukraine) is a collective rights management organization.

Non-commercial organization which unites producers, distributors and investors of the Ukrainian film industry.

A leader in location service for more than 7 years. Huge database of more than 60 000 locations.

Music producing, CD/DVD releases.

Aurora Distribution handles acquisition of all types of rights for theatrical feature films; sales of TV & ancillary rights on the territory of Ukraine; marketing/PR support of all Aurora companies, international activities & sales of self…

Financing and production of TV movies, mini-series (2 or 4 episodes) and TV series. The company also creates feature films, both own and in co-production.

Ukrainian distribution company for art house cinema.

Producing center with possibilities and powers for creating 3D products (commercial films, documentaries, author programs).

Transportation vehicles rent.