The First Crimean-Tatar Movie Fundraiser

A group of Crimean-Tatar filmmakers launches the IndieGoGo campaigner ( to raise the gap funding money for they first ever film made in the Crimean-Tatar language. This is a short film which has already received 50% state funding which proves the quality of the project.  The film is produced by the creators of documentary film ‘Mustafa’ – the ‘Crimea_SOS’ NGO which consists mainly of Crimean refugees who left the peninsula after its annexation by Russia. The director describes the plot of the film:

“Iman” is a film about an unusual life situation occurred with a main character. He appears to be a hostage of the circumstances and his principles, but he finds the rescue in faith, which sounds like „iman” in the Crimean Tatar language. He has to go to his terminally ill mother to Crimea, occupied by Russia, which is an imprisoning threat for him due to his participation in anti-terroristic operation. On his way home, he meets a young girl who helps him to cross the border and to overcome his fears.