Ukrainian Box Office In 2015

Ukrainian Box Office In 2015

292 movies have been premiered in Ukrainian cinemas during the period from January 1 to December 27 in year 2015. Additionally, the distributors have released 19 selections of shorts and features. There are some figures about distribution of 216 films and four selections.

Distributor Number of releases Number of releases with published reports Total box office Total attendance Releases with box office over $1M Biggest box office
B&H Film Distribution 40 40 $30,37M 11,82M 11 Minions ($2M)
Ukrainian Film Distribution 40 38 $12,44M 4,67M 3 8 new meeting ($1,63M)


13 13 $4,61M 1,73M Mad Max: Fury Road ($807K)

Volga Ukrainia

15 15 $2,33M 996K Paddington ($961K)

Multi Media Distribution

30 30 $2,05K 850K Insurgent ($414K)

Galeon Film

22 8 $1,32M 518K Tri bogatyrya (Three heroes) ($930K)
Top Film Distribution 24 24 $797K 350K Burnt ($124K)

Parakeet Film

12 9 $303K 126K Legend ($100K)

Arthouse Traffic

35 21 $284K 103K Love 3D ($45K)

86 Prokat

7 1 $22K 11K Brothers. Last confession ($14,5K)
435 Film Distribution 2 2 $11K 8K Sev beni ($8,5K)

Big Hand Films

2 2 $11K 6K Lost city ($8,2K)

Dovzhenko National Centre

2 2 $2K 1K Compilation Ukrainian New Wave 2015

Available reports indicate that the number of tickets sold in 2015 has raised at 8.8% comparing to the previous year. Presumably, this gain is related to publications about increased amount of releases. (The amount of publications has increased from to 187 to 216). In this case, each of 29 movies is supposed to be watched by at least 59.4 thousand viewers. In the meantime, the average attendance of this year releases is around 14.5 thousand viewers, accordingly to the reports. The materials reveal the fact that more and more Ukrainians began going to the movies (or the fans began to visit the cinema more often).

The total box office increased by 31% in the national currency due to the rise of the ticket cost in UAH. At the same time the dollar box office decreased by 32%.

The share of the twenty most grossing releases in total box office reached up 51.94%. The audience of Top-20 grossing films has bought 49.66% of the tickets amount sold in 2015. The Top-20 include 17 films of the world majors (6 – Universal, 4 – Disney, 3 – Fox, 2 – Sony, 2 – Paramount) and three independent projects.