The second CG EVENT will be hosted in Kiev on May, 25

CG EVENT – an international conference bringing together professionals in various fields of computer graphics: animation, special effects in movies, computer games, architectural visualization, realistic rendering etc.

The main course of the event will be the film “Metro” as the case study of implementation of various complicated visual effects. The authors of the project will be on the main stage: Boris Lutsyuk and Amalgama FX company will talk about the film production, the studio MainRoad Post will take a series of unique performances dedicated to the simulation of huge amounts of water, and the company CGF will tell the public the story of pre-production of “Metro”.

A separate unit of CG EVENT KYIV will be dedicated to Ukrainian market of post-production: its status, geographical location and cooperation with other CG-markets. A round table on the topic «CG-Kiev. Between East and West. ” will take place.

The technological innovations from Hewlett Packard and Intel will be available in the main hall. Company Chaos Group and The Foundry will demonstrate its latest developments in the field of software for creating computer graphics.

One of the key notes of CG EVENT KYIV will become the part of Adobe

Traditionally, the CG EVENT KYIV will end by the prizes from Wacom for the best works, created during the CG EVENT.