In production: ‘Ursus’ and ‘Amosov Centuries’

Ukrainian film production company Fresh Production has started the preproduction of the feature film “Ursus”. 20% of the funds has been provided by the State Agency for Cinematography of Ukraine, a part – by a Bulgarian company Geopoly Film, German Aktis Film and Georgian O-Studio. At the current stage the producers are looking for the remaining 20%. The main character – a bear, will be created using sophisticated computer technologies, that takes almost 30% of the budget and over 6 months of work. The total budget is $ 3.5 million. The shooting will start in July 201 in Ukraine and Georgia, and in October – in Europe. Theatrical release is planned for 2015.

Synopsis: 1991, civil war in Georgia. The main character – a 35-year-old Georgian Nika, a young director, had to change the camera for a gun for a while, appears at the hospital, wounded. After the hospital, he comes to his native Tbilisi studio, catches fire, that burns his unfinished film “Homeland of Stalin”. At the same time, he meets a man who was acting in his film, Foma Gogol, a Ukrainian Georgian, the descendant of people who 150 years ago left his native land to the foreign country. He works as a trainer of a big brown Bear with the scientific name “Ursus Arktos Kaukasikus.”
Suddenly Foma gets an invitation from Berlin Zoo to come to Germany on tour with his bear.

Director: Otar Shamatayeva

“Amosov: centuries”
Ukrainian director Sergei Lysenko started the work on a documentary “Amosov: centuries “, dedicated to the distinguished Ukrainian cardiologist Nicholay Amosov. Currently the project is in the pre-production period, the fundraising is going on (now 75% of the required amount collected). According to the director, this film is independent, financed by the representatives of the Association of Cardiologists, Cardiac and Vascular Surgeons of Ukraine, family of Nikolai Amosov, production studio “Generator”, which, in fact, will be engaged in filming. The filmmaker plans to complete the film till December 6 – the 100th anniversary of the birth of Amosov. The crew is planning a limited theatrical distribution, participation in film festivals, as well as the screening of the film in the central Ukrainian and Russian TV channels.

Synopsis: Nikolai Amosov was born December 6, 1913 near Cherepovets. He is the author of innovative techniques in cardiology and author of a systematic approach to health. During his medical practice Nikolay Amosov personally saved about five thousand lives ( this figure does not include surgeries he performed during the Second World War). Since 1983 – Director of the Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery. December 12, 2002 he died of a heart attack and is buried at the cemetery in Kiev Baikove. During its existence Clinic of Amosov has saved the lives of about 95,000 people. The film aims to present Amosov as a doctor who developed the first in Ukraine artificial blood circulation apparatus, as a cybernetic, writer, social activist and philosopher. Also the film will touch the topic of moral obligation and its implementation.