Two film printing labs are functioning in Ukraine

Since the beginning of 2013 CPC (Cinema Production Complex) has launched film duplication services in Ukraine in January. The lab is equipped with the following technologies: Cinevation – latest direct to print digital film printer including Dolby sound and fully flexible subtitle capabilities; Cinetech UK Ltd – latest film processing equipment, specifically designed to work in conjunction with the Cinevator. Cinetech also specified and installed all ancillary equipment required for a state of the art facility, including chemical recycling systems and quality management equipment.

Film Laboratory “ Salamandra-Ukraine “, founded by “Creative Laboratory Salamandra” (Moscow) started its’ work in Kiev in January 2013.

Salamandra provides laboratory services for the processing of film material – color negative film development and positive film by the technology of the company Kodak, preparation of film materials for recording or shooting, and film editing and printing filmprints.
Services and technologies:
Sound: For the manufacture of optical soundtrack negative the laboratory Salamandra uses the sound camera Optronix model MWA LLK. Screening room is equipped with a processor Dolby CA-10.
Film printing: For printing the films, the company uses the film recorder Cinevator 5 (produced by Norwegian innovative company Cinevation). This equipment allows printing not only on the negative, but also positive film.