Distribution of Ukrainian Films in 2013

Over 20 feature films of Ukrainian production of various genres are expected to be released in 2013 in Ukraine, as reported by the State Agency on Cinematography of Ukraine.

One of the most anticipated premier would be the film of Victor Andrienko “Ivan the Power”/ Ivan Syla (studio “Insight Media”, according to the estimated value of the contracts – 15.5 million USD). The project is marketed as a children’s, educational, historical.

In the heart of the film – the story of the famous strongman Ivan Firtsak who became the circus performer at the age of 18 and visited every continent, hitting the audience by remarkable physical abilities. The premiere is scheduled for the Summer and Autumn of 2013.

At the end of 2013-th – beginning of 2014 the release of the film “Parajanov” (“Interfilm”, 11.2 million USD) is planned – biography of a famous film director Sergei Paradjanov.

Among domestic film premieres listed for 2013 is a film of Russian-Ukrainian production, directed by Alexei German Jr.. “Under the electric clouds” (8 million USD).

In fall-winter 2013 the theatrical release of Ukrainian-Russian coproduction film is planned – “St-surgeon” (“The Patriot-film”, 12 million USD). First film of the Life of St. Luke (Valentine Vojno-Yasenetsky), the working title was “Diamond Cross”.

TV presenter and historian Marc Gres wrote the script for the debutant director Vitaly Potruha “The Lost City” (Dovzhenko Film Studio, 6 million USD). The genre is defined as “fantasy”.

The famous actor and film director Anatoly Mateshko is making another Ukrainian children’s film – “Trumpeter” (“Ukrkino”, 16 million USD). The story of a young musician Kolya Sokolov, faced the adult life – envy, competition, etc.

The Ukrainian theatrical distribution market in 2013 expects feature films as: “Gamer” (“Edge-kinematics”, 6 million USD, dir. by O.Sentsov), “Love Me” (“Tato-film”, and 7 million USD , dir. by Gorbachev) and many others. There will be animations: “Mikita-Kozhum’yaka” (“Panama Grand Prix”, 4 million USD, dir. by M.Kostrov, Mikhailov), “Who is afraid of unkle Babai?” (“Ukrainian studio of animated films”, and 7 million USD, dir. by M. Medvid).