Star Wars producer will work with Sergey Loznitsa, Ukrainian film director

Hollywood film producer Rick McCallum, well-known by his cooperation with George Lucas and work for Star Wars prequel trilogy and Star Wars Special Editions, will work on a new film of Sergey Loznitza in Ukraine.
The idea of the film belongs to Sergey Loznitsa, who is now working on the script. The high budget movie will tell the story of a Jewish woman, who escaped the massacre  in Babiy Yar, Kiev, and survived in WWII.
The producer is very much impressed by the works of Ukrainian filmmaker. The last two films of Sergey Lozniza were presented in completion programme of Cannes Film Festival – Schastye Moye (My Joy) (2010) and V Tumane (In the Fog) (2012) (won the FIPRESI Prize handed out by the International Federation of Film Critics).
American producer has visited Ukraine in the past. He likes Kiev and Odessa   and speaks with enthusiasm about future filming in Ukraine. Rick McCallum is sure that the story will be of interest to viewers from around the world, and therefore plans  the international distribution and expects to attract state support in Ukraine, as well as private investments.