Ukrainian-Turkish Co-Production Started on February, 1st

A Ukrainian-Turkish production entitled “Love Me”  became one of the winners of the first open pitching for public funding. The companies envolve are TATOFILM (Ukraine) and KARAKIRMIZIFILM (Turkey).

This is the story of striking relationship of man and woman from different cultures. The main characters speak different languages but understand each other’s feelings.

In 2011 the State Agency of Ukraine for Cinema had conducted two film projects competitions for state funding.

As of now the Agency formed the “Program for production and distribution of national films in the 2011-2012”. The results of the second pitching competition provided suggestions to the Program for 2012-2013. In the end of the last year the funding of programs for 2011-2012 had started in full capacity with 96 million UAH of total budget.

We invite journalists to join the crew together and break the traditional dish first day of filming!