Ukraine And France Signed Co-Production Treaty

On May, 14th Minister of Culture of Ukraine, Mikhail Kulinyak and Minister of Culture of France, Frederic Mitterand signed in Cannes an agreement between the governments of both countries on co-production of films.
The purpose of the agreement signed during the 64 th Cannes International Film Festival шы renewal and strengthening of relationships in the field of film between Ukraine and France, increase the сщььщт inheritance in the film art.

Under the agreement, films that are arranged under the terms co-production are equal to the film projects, which have the status of a national film in accordance with the laws of Ukraine and France. These films have all the benefits provided by the law in the film industry in both states.

To obtain the status of the co-production film shall be produced by established manufacturers, which has the appropriate financial and technical capabilities and professional expertise recognized by agencies of the state to which it belongs. In Ukraine, such a body is the State Filmmaking Agency of Ukraine and in France it is National Centre For Cinematography And Animation.