Eva Neumann Starts Shooting Her 2nd Feature

Eva Neiman has started shooting the movie titled ‘House with A Turret’ in Odessa. Eva Neumann is a Ukrainian director known as Kira Muratova’s pupil.

The movie script written by Eva Neumann based on the story by Friedrich Gorenstein. The film will be shot in black and white. The national television channel ‘1+1’ became a producer of the project.

According to Eva Neumann, “House With A Turret” – a large scale and complex picture with special effects, so a big team will be working on it.

Leading part in the film is performed by nine-years-old Dmitry Kobetskoy, a graduate of one of Odessa orphanages. Also cast for the film are Albert Filozov, Katerina Golubeva, Michael Wexler, Vitaly Linetsky, Maria Politseymako.?