Ukraine, Germany, Belarus and Russia Shoot the film about the Chernobyl accident

Ukraine, Germany, Belarus and Russia are going to shoot the feature about Chernobyl disaster. The film called “On Saturday” would be directed by famous Russian scriptwriter and director Alexander Mindadze (Parade of Planets (1984), Plymbum or Dangerous Game (1986), Time of the Dancer (1997), Space as a Premonition (2005).

SOTA Cinema Group (producer Oleh Kohan, Ukraine) jointly with The Passenger (producer Dmitry Efremov, Russia), Non Stop Production (producer Olexandr Rodnyansky), the film studio Belarusfilm (Belarus) and Concern Bavaria Film (president Matthias Esche, Germany) undertake the production and financing of the film.

The project has already been supported by the Ministry of Culture of the three countries. The Bavaria International provides the film distribution abroad” – Oleh Kohan said.

Preparation for the shooting will start in September. The locations have already been defined. The filming will be held in Ukraine and Belarus. The film production’s indicative budget is about 3 millions euro. “On Saturday” is planned would be finished by 2011.

“This eternal story will narrate about a man who tries to survive in certain circumstances and discovers new values in this process”, Alexander Mindadze says.

Film protagonist Valentin Kabysh, a young secretary of the city party committee, becomes a witness of the Chernobyl nuclear power station accident. He discovers the whole depth of the tragedy from the nuclear specialists and faces a choice: to save people and the city or to fulfill the order of the government and keep the information back.