The Film About Ukrainian Miners Will Be Shown In Germany

The film about hard living conditions of Ukrainian miners has been shot in Kyiv at the end of August. The shooting was supported by Munich University of cinema and television at the initiative of Darya Onischenko, young Ukrainian film director.

“Desired Reality” is a short film about the love that occurs against a background of actual social problems. Claudia Maria Lehmann who is a producer of the film hopes that “Desired Reality” will become the sharp and plausible image of Ukrainian reality for European audience.

‘We want to create a vivid image of the country with a lot of colors and oppositions where people become the hostage of circumstances. There are more than 200 mines in Ukraine and more than 300 thousands people that work there. Their labor is observable just owing to the amount of tragedies and bankrupt lives are much more than statistic says the film director Darya Onischenko accented.

The director of photography work was done by Erol Zubcevic. He is famous for his film “Snow” which was awarded at the Cannes 2008. Hanna Kuzina, Olexander Pechenyk, Vasyl Shepel acted the leading parts in the film.

In winter 2009-2010 premiere of “Desired Reality” will take place in Ukraine.