Ukrainian Tale Will Be Shown On The 10th China International Children’s Film Festival

“An Awesome Tale” full-length feature film by Roman Shyrman will represent Ukraine on the 10th China International Children’s Film Festival (CICFF). The Festival is going to be open in Qing Dao, September, 2009. It’s held every two years since 1989.

There are going to be many splendid activities in the 7-days duration. Except the opening and closing ceremony, 30 children’s films are going to be shown in the cinemas of Qing Dao, and almost 400 children juries will vote for their favourite “Feature”, “Animation”, “Actor/Actress” etc. The aim of the festival is to build a globally exchange platform for enhancing the communication and cooperation for children’s films, and hence promoting the development of the world children’s films.

The plot of “The Awesome Tale” is based on the travels and adventures of the Princess, who eventually meets the young King of the Militant Kingdom. Unlike his Military Minister he does not want to wage war. Understandably, love flares up between them… After a great many captivating, funny, touching and sometimes dangerous adventures, they are united by Destiny, represented by a charming, yet very young girl.