Andriy Shevchenko Has Acted In The Film

Famous Ukrainian footballer Andriy Shevchenko stars in the Italian cinema. He has acted the part of himself in the film about soccer fans and violence on the Italian stadiums. “The Last Ultras” by Stephano Calvania will come out in September, 2009.

Ukrainian footballer has already had some experience in cinema. Some years ago he starred in the Italian comedy «L’allenatore nell Pallone 2». Shevchenko’s part in “Last Ultras” consists in conversation with a fan-murder. This episode was called “the most emotional in the film”.

This is a film about young soccer bug that killed a bug of the rival team. Holing up near the Milan he fell in love with a woman who turns out the mother of victim.

‘The movie has a considerable social implication. It is not only about ultras as an aggressive bugs or criminals but also as ordinary people. There are a lot of fans’ love stories in a plot of film’ Stephano Calvania, the director of “Last Ultras” explained.