Film By Kira Muratova Won Four Awards In Moscow

“Melody For a Barrel Organ” by Kira Muratova became the award winner in four nominations on the XXXI Moscow International Film Festival, no matter it didn’t get the main prix. The film got “Silver George for Best Actress” for Lena Kostyuk who acted the leading part in the film, FIPRESCI Prize, International Federation of Film Clubs Jury Prize and The Prize Of Russian Federation of Film Clubs.

Kira Muratova says about the film: ‘It is a Christmas story or tale. This genre is held here, but adapted to today’s reality. Combination of tenderness and sadness can be called melodramatic. Social basis penetrates all the story with categorical imperatives like in any other high-quality drama’.

‘We had no doubts about the film. Muratova didn’t left anyone insensitive to her work’ confessed the members of FIPRESCI International Film Press Federation jury.

Ukrainian release starts in July and all the money collected from distribution will be transferred to four orphanages of Ukraine (‘Ridna Osella’ in Tlumach of Ivano-Frankivsk region, Family type orphanage in Radomyshl of Zhytomyr region, Orphanage «Oasis» in Vinniki of Lviv region and Vatutinskyi centre of ICF ‘Otchyi Dim’ in Vatutino of Cherkassy region).