Ukrainian Film Got The Prize Of The Audience

The film “Radunitsa” directed by young Ukrainian director Roman Bondarchuk got The Prize of the Audience at the “goEast” East Europe Film Festival that was held in Wiesbaden, Hessen.

“Radunitsa” is a film about the life in one Ukrainian village where the Russian, Ukrainian and Belarus borders are intersected. The relatives from three countries but habitants of one village meet together on Radunitsa (Remembrance of the Dead Day). The borders had changed their way of life. They see each other more and more rarely. They illegally cross the borders, meet together, tell stories from the past.

The film was made in 2007 with the support of Goethe Institut and “Memory, responsibility and future” Fund.

The prize for The Best Documentary film at “goEast” Festival won Polish movie “Kocham Polske” (dir. Maria Zmaszh-Kochanovitch).