“Festival Of Ukrainian Films” Took Place In Germany

Ukrainian Cinema Foundation has presented the “Festival of Ukrainian Films” in Cologne, Germany. The Festival has taken place in K?lner Filmhaus on 20-24 of March 2009. More than ten the latest Ukrainian movies had been shown within the bounds of this cinema event.

“Two In One” (dir. Kira Muratova), “The Casting” (dir. O. Shapyro), “The Living” (dir. S. Bukovsky), “The Birds of Paradise” by R. Balayan, “The Metropolitan Andriy” by O. Yanchuk and “Sapho” (dir. R. Crombie) presented the modern Ukrainian cinema in Germany. The festival was opened with the legendary “The Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” by Sergiy Parajanov. In addition there were shown the collection of Ukrainian short films (2006- 2009). The program of festival implied also the meetings with some authors of that films and with the famous actress Larisa Kadochnikova. Aftter viewing the Bukovsky’s film the circular table about the Famine tragedy in Ukraine has been hold.

The showing was meant for a wide audience. “It is important that Ukrainian cinema were presented in Germany well. And we want that Ukrainian films were interested for German film distributors and were known by Germans” the members of Ukrainian Cinema Foundation affirmed.