Star Media Has Presented A New Film

The Star Media Production Company has presented its new film “O, Luckyman!” at March, 12 2009. The film’s trailer and some fragments of the release version had been shown as a part of the presentation. The official premier of this film is planned for next month.

“O, Luckyman!” was directed by a young hopeful Eduard Parri. Vlad Riashyn and Yuriy Minzyanov produced it. Vladimir Men’shov, Sergey Shakurov, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Alexander Bashirov, Igor Kurolesov, Alexey Panin, Maxim Konovalov, Olga Polyakova, Mikhail Tarabukin stars in the film. “O, Luckyman!” was filmed mainly in Ukraine (Kyiv, Crimea and in Podgoretskyj Castle near the Brody (Lviv region).

“O, Luckyman!” is a comedy story about an ordinary young man Slavik. The life has become senseless for him, but being on the last step from death he is persuaded that suicide isn’t the way out. He is offered to change his biography and start a new and successful life. But he barely escapes from his own problems as he finds new problems. The game called “New life” becomes kaleidoscope of funny, sad and sometimes even terrible histories.