Viktor Pavlik Got A Job In Hollywood

The pop singer Viktor Pavlik was proposed to play in a new Hollywood thriller “Cyclone”. According to the plot he will act the part of mafioso who arrived in America in the guise of a Ukrainian singer. The action develops in San Francisco near the celebrated shopping mall Powell and Great Canyon. It is known that Brook Shields, Peter Louise, Francesco Rettondini would also co-star in the film.

Alexander Burim the film director met the singer in Beijing during the last Olympic Games in August, 2008. Because of “dramatic appearance and keen mind” Burim had the brainwave to invite Ukrainian singer for this role.

The shooting period starts in August, 2009 and will continue for a half a year. During this period Viktor Pavlyk should stop taking part in performances. “I will belong in the movies! That was a moment when I realized that I want to get new experience, to extend my horizon and attempt some new lines” – he said.