Ukraine Location Guide Is Published

Ukraine Film Office proudly presents the first edition of the film industry-oriented location guide for Ukraine! The wide selection of representative images covers all the territory and all the types of locations. The 250-pages edition perfectly suits for the first encounter with the country. The Guide is available at The link to the proper Amazon page is placed at the left pane of the side with the Location Guide icon.

The images are grouped in following categories: 1) Architecture, 2) Urban life, 3) Interiors, 4) Industrial locations, 5) Military locations and crafts, 6) Lanscapes, 7) Unique locations.

Ukraine has four major filming regions: 1) The country capital – Kiev, the headquarters of film industry in Ukraine; 2) Crimea – the sea-coast-mountains-and-everything region where the most picturesque landscapes could be found; 3) Western Ukraine – the land of Medieval architecture, old cities, castles, fotresses and of Carpathian Mountains; 4) Estern Ukraine – the industrial giants, power plants, coal mines and Soviet artefacts.

The climate of Ukraine is very similar to Germany or France except the Crimea whis is sub-tropical. Crimea allows shooting summer sequences through 330 days per year.