The Awesome Tale

From the 4th of December 2008 the first Ukrainian comedy feature film is being run in Kyiv’s cinemas. In spite of low budget the film An Awesome Tale could awake a great viewer’s interest. By lot aspects it is a unique project. Firstly, An Awesome Tale is a rare example of eccentric musical fairy tale. It is one of the most hard to screen genre and at the same time the most desired by the audience.

Secondly, it is a big international cinema project that is done by Ukrainian film studio Interfilm and Estonian co-producers. Moreover, this film was Roman Shirman’s debut in a feature film. Before that Shirman was famous only as a documentary film maker. Furthermore, the film is full of interesting artistic methods, such as method of collage of film image, 2D and 3D animation.

The peculiar magic mood of the film is strengthened with the original music (written by Milosh Jelich) and popular melodies of Ukrainian music team Ocean Elzy. Young actors and children acted in the film together with such stars as George Deliev, Vlad Troitskyy and Borys Barskyy.

Somewhere in the world exist two Kingdoms: the Militant Kingdom and the Unhappy Kingdom. Intrusion of the Militant army made young Princess run away from Unhappy Kingdom. The story is full of mysterious adventures and unexpected meetings. On one of such meetings Princess meets the young King of the Militant Kingdom, who unlike to his Military Minister does not want to wage war. Understudably, love blossom between them. After a great many captivating, funny, touching and sometimes dangerous adventures, they are united by Destiny, represented by a charming, yet very young girl. At the end peace, prosperity and happiness rule both Kingdoms.