IMAX comes to Ukraine

On September, 20th long-awaited event has taken place in Kiev – opening of the first in Ukraine theater of IMAX format. IMAX theater on 300 places is a part of one of the largest entertainment and shopping malls of Kiev – “Blockbuster”. A repertoire of the cinema includes Hollywood blockbusters with the new quality of the image and sound, and also educational and entertaining documentary films as in format IMAX 2D, and IMAX 3D.

Canadian corporation IMAX together with Ukrainian movie company “Triumph” intends to open two 3D-cinemas in Ukraine till the end of 2008. “Ukrainian Trading Guild” consulting company is searching for premises, capable to contain huge (sometimes about the 7-storeyed house) IMAX screens.

IMAX is a corporation with 40-year-old history (founded in 1967) and headquarters in Toronto. Four Canadians (Ferguson, Kojtor, Kerr and Show) developed IMAX technology (abbreviation from Image Maximum) specially for screening of 3D-films. IMAX network consists of nearly 300 cinemas in 40 countries of the world. Expenses for creation of cinema IMAX on the average usually above 3 million US dollars, not including land costs, and, depending on the market, operators expect to pay back the investments within three years.

IMAX Cinemas provide the most accurate, bright and steady image in the world thanks to powerful IMAX projector, unique constructional features of the screen and a special film of the big format. A shot on film IMAX in the size of 15/70 millimeters ten times more than a shot on a usual 35-millimetric film. These huge shots are projected on the screen which is slightly bent and inclined forward which edges leave the field of peripheral sight of spectators. Powerful visual sensations will be added by patented IMAX digital sound system on 12 000 watt. The technology assumes the huge sizes the screen (standard – 22 on 16 m, but happen much more), occupying all space before the spectator.

Using the technology of digital transformation of films from a format of 35 millimeters to IMAX DMR R  (Digital Re-mastering) format, it is possible to adapt any film for an IMAX-cinema. Besides the Hollywood films in format IMAX, there is also a film library containing over 200 documentary films of format IMAX. These films are known for that they are capable to transfer spectators to the places they never could visit – on top of the Everest, aboard the International space station and to ocean depths. The listed pictures are of 20 till 40 minutes of screen time. Recently there was a 3D-version of a classical film of horrors of 1968 « Night of the Living Dead » of George Romero. A premiere of the film «U2 3D» has taken place at the Cannes festival: the well-known Irish team has done the concert in IMAX technology. In spite of the fact that no fascinating shots and action present in the concert the picture has collected $10 million for half a year run.