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Production and postproduction company.

Postproduction, visual effects studio.

Kinotur company is the only DI facility in Ukraine offering end-to-end project finishing and mastering services for filmmakers. DFT Scanity, ArriLaser, color grading with a certified projection.

Postproduction, VFX supervising, footage/photo bank.

VFX shooting technology development, pre-visualization; on-location / on-set VFX supervision, cartoon animation, 3D modeling and animation, photorealistic 3D rendering, output to film.

Production of music videos and commercials. Post-production.

Cleanup and retouching, chromakey & compositing works. Motion Design.

Owns the biggest computer graphics and visual effects development studio, and provides the full cycle of postproduction services, including sound editing and coding in certified Dolby Premier Studio.

Video editing, CGI creation.