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The company operates in the area of branding, motion and TV design, moviemaking, as well as architecture of TV space.

Production and postproduction services.

Visual works, motion graphics, animation, design, sound design & music, production.

Provides full cycle of video postproduction in Da Vinci 2K, Final Cut editing and 3D and VFX artists.

Dubbing, subtitling, voice-over, translation, post-production in all languages.

Documentary, animation and VFX production since 1998.

3D modeling, 3D animation, motion design, concept art, storyboarding, pre-visualization, editing, color correction.

Production and Postproduction Company.

Kiev office of the Swedish company Chimney with services in production, VFX for features: concepts, art-direction, compositing, 3D, character animation, grading, sound, etc.