7 Docs About Ukrainian Cities

459 cities and towns can be found on the map of Ukraine but very few of them are reflected in the culture and films.  ‘Festival 86’ had launched a competition ‘MyStreetFilmsUkraine’ in order to introduce the city atmosphere, characters and streets to the Ukrainian and foreign audience.

Lviv Film Commission is Online

The city of Lviv, which is a business center for Western Ukraine, has launched its local film commission as an NGO with the municipal endorsement. Some Lviv locations are presented at the website as well as the online filming permit application form: http://film.lviv.ua/

Ukrainian Box Office In 2015

292 movies have been premiered in Ukrainian cinemas during the period from January 1 to December 27 in year 2015. Additionally, the distributors have released 19 selections of shorts and features. There are some figures about distribution of 216 films and four selections.

ALLOISE – Crown – 360°

Ukrainian singer and EuroVision contestant ALLOISE has presented a uniqe, fine and elaborated music video produced by Ukrainian video artist Serge Vane. The video contains 360 degree video panorama and is best viewed on YouTube site or in Chrome browser.

Ukrainian Locations Promo by The Ministry of Economics

Ukraine is the largest country in Europe. We have a unique mixture of attractions – the seaside, mountains, kilometers of rivers and lakes, marvelous cities and authentic countryside. Ukraine is beautiful and safe to visit. Every year we host thousands of festivals, sporting events, and music performances. Visit us and find magnificent culture, delicious cuisine […]

My Awesome Ukraine

Styles Studio has created a highlights compilation from recent Ukraine’s history in different areas: ‘My country is the endless expanse of beautiful forests, fields and valleys. My country is the thousands of world’s achievements of architecture, art and sport. My country is freedom-loving, humble and patient people who honor and continue their age-old traditions…