Production news: Haytarma

The first full-length feature film on the story of the Crimean Tatar people and their full deportation and resettlement forced by the Soviet Union in 1944 has been started in Crimea, Ukraine.
The working title is “Haytarma” and the plot is based on the real story of the Hero of the Soviet Union, fighter pilot Amet-Khan Sultan – honor of the Soviet air force and frightening enemy of Nazi air force, who came home for a three days vacation after the heroic release of Sevastopol to see his family, when the terrible deportation of his people –Crimean Tatars, including children and women, has began by order of Stalin.
The film director Akhtem Seitablayev proposed to the native Crimean Tatars to participate in shooting in crowd scenes. The exact copy of the Sultan’s plane has been built for the film. Preliminary budget of the film is 2,5 M USD.