The Trailer of The First Ukrainian 3-D Movie To Be Presented At Berlinale

Ukraine will present the first domestic trailer for the movie in a 3D format – “Love and a dot” at the Berlin Film Festival, which will start on February 10-th. There are 3 Ukrainian feature films this year on Berlinale, including one in the main competition, and 6 short films.

“Presentation of  films in the final stages of production is a common practice at the film markets. The production of films, based on technologies such as 3D  is a very complicated and lengthy. Therefore, we should  tell about the film to  film communities on this stage of the project”, says Andrey Khalpakhchi, director of the Ukrainian Cinema Foundation.

Premiere of the film “Love and the dot” in the Ukrainian cinemas is scheduled for April, 7. The film is directed by Valery Yambursky, written by Konstantin Konovalov and Dennis Freeze, the lead parts taken by Dmitry Sharakois, Leela, Pavlo Derevianko. Producers of the movie are Viktor Wilhelm and Alexander Pelekh (FilmPort), Cyril Pelekh (Freeline-studio), Vladimir Tretyakov (“Yalta-film”), Oleg Malyshevsky.

“Love and a dot” – it’s romantic-comic story of a few days on a yacht in the middle of the Black Sea. The main plot – the relationship between the “rough woman, accustomed to hunt and not give any chances” and “defenseless victim, who dreams of finding love at least for one night.”

As told Victor Wilhelm – FilmPort company plans to continue developing of production 3D-formats: “I would not like to say that this is a fashion trend only… As we know, the West already has several channels with exclusively 3D broadcasting , the majority of cinema goes to 3D, it is the future of cinema, a format that will save the cinema distribution. In Ukraine there are already several companies that provide technical conditions for filming in 3D-format.

Also, the producer said that over the next two to three weeks he plans begin negotiations with the Ukrainian TV channels for the sale of this feature.