Ukrainian filmmaking to get 120 million UAH in 2011

The budget has provided 120 million hryvnias for 2011 for the film industry this year. “Comparing to the previous “residual principle” of film financing (used to be 20-30 million) – the sum is almost a luxury “, says Ekaterina Kopylova, Head of the Agency for Cinematography.

Asked about how much of the 120 million will go to the real projects of the National Film Studio of Alexander Dovzhenko, she said: ‘It’s an open question. The ideas, of course, do exist. But, certainly, not under all of them huge budgets should be allocated. I don’t see our future work in the frame of the old system – ‘have a subsidy, don’t have any responsibility’. I would like to see  an active transition to the path of co-production. With other countries. With interesting foreign partners.’