A New Ukrainian Film Is Released

The premiere performance of comedy “O, Lucky Man!” took place in Kyiv yesterday. It is a new product of Star Media, a Russian-Ukrainian company whose main activities are production and distribution of TV movies.
“O, Lucky Man!” is directed by Eduard Parri. Such famous actors as Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Alexander Bashirov, Alexey Panin, Vladimir Menshov and Andrey Merzlikin star in the film.

“The life has become senseless for Slavik, but being on the last step from death he is persuaded that suicide isn’t the way out. He is offered to change his biography and start a new and successful life. But he barely escapes from his own problems as he finds new problems. The game called “New life” becomes kaleidoscope of funny, sad and sometimes even terrible histories!” – is written in annotation.